2012…New Year…we have to wear shades!

New year resolutions, faith goals, things to do, things to change, things to have, and so many more as we start the year.  Nothing wrong with these but I just realized that we normally start the year with things we don’t have.

Why don’t we start the year with something that we have!


The use of our time could determine satisfaction and fulfillment, not just for 2012, but for the rest of our lives.  That if used properly and wisely, we can conclude that we really lived our lives to its fullest.

We all have time.  We just don’t use it wisely.  We spend it, kill it, waste it.  

Moses, one of our Bible heroes who had his own ups and downs, very much like us, had something to teach us when he prayed to God  “Teach us to number our days aright…” Psalm 90:12.  He was talking about a particular mindset that we should use when we use our time.

He gives us the idea that our days are actually numbered! And yes, if we look at our priorities, schedule, decisions, even dreams & aspirations with the glasses or lens or “shades” that our days are numbered, then it will definitely change the ball game.

This will direct us to what is most valuable to us, then we can invest our time properly & wisely.

So this new year, wear shades!

Look at life with lens of this perspective or should I say truth, that our days are numbered.