Losing Weight Equation: Fun+Friendships+moveForward = Groups

I realized that this is my “losing weight” equation. 20lbs ago, I was trying to crack my hollow brain out finding the right course of action to lose all those fat and bulges.

Diet? But I like eating! Exercise? I won’t be able to sustain it. Lipo, Lipo-light, etc? Too expensive! Fat reducing pills? Still beyond budget, I’ll rather buy Cafe Mocha!

But Pastor Ariel, who is both my boss and my friend (hard combination huh, but we’re able to pull of it off!), invited me to try Triathlon.  I tried Tri.  Began to like it. And surprisingly, I began to lose weight.


1. I started to have FUN while exercising.  I had a GROUP to exercise with!

2.  I looked forward to swimming or biking or running because I developed FRIENDSHIPS with those I exercised with.  Even in those times that I feel timid, it’s just the fact that I’ll hang out with friends made me wake up and exercise.

3.  It was easy to move FORWARD now in sustaining exercise, having the proper nutrition, and even in the sport itself because there were people to encourage me and move FORWARD with me.  The losing weight was just a bonus, all because I had a GROUP to do it with.

I guess the same goes for our LIVES.  Belonging to a GROUP makes CHRISTIAN LIFE simply FUN and enjoyable.

Most especially if we have FRIENDS to stand with.  FRIENDS that believe and celebrate with us at the highest point of our lives, FRIENDS that comfort, encourage & pray for us at the lowest point.

In fact, moving FORWARD in every aspect of life becomes easier if we have a GROUP to do it with.  Men and women that stand with us, show us by example which way to go and what not to do.

So…lose weight? Find a GROUP!

Live LIFE? Find a GROUP!

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  1. Your Darling
    June 29, 2010 at 9:52 pm

    Hi Darling!!! I am so proud of how you sustained your weight now. It has really helped your health and stamina. Even the kids are encouraged to have that passion you have the swim, bike and run training…. AKO na lang ! Don’t worry faith goal ko tlaga yan. I know you are praying for me…heehee ! Love you mucho!

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