Men are just “tamad” (lazy)

On a sunny morning, I was off to a great start!

Read my Bible, prayed, ran, cooked brunch for the family, woke up everyone and whaalaah! A good family brunch, looking forward to a good table discussion.

While everyone was sluggish, I was all pumped up.  I started the family brunch conversation by praising my eldest daughter, Andee, for her good final exam results. Not much reaction from my wife and kids, so I followed up with a birdbrained-trying hard reply…

Me: “Well I think girls are more intelligent than boys”  (now this woke them up!)

Wife: “Not really, maybe when they’re younger they seem to be unintelligent, because they just like playing”

Youngest daughter: “Yah dad”

Son: No reaction!

Andee: “I think boys and girls are equal, men are just tamad!

Whew. Men are just tamad. My daughter was talking about studying and school, but I also realized a relevant truth to that comment.

Because there are men who are “tamad”… we now have a fatherless generation growing without the love, affection and discipleship of fathers.  No wonder we children lacking vision and direction.

Because there are men who are “tamad“… we see women trying to get security, attention, love and affection from so many other sources apart from their husbands.

BUT…what if?

What if men fully fulfill their roles as husbands and fathers.  Not bumming around, taking responsibility over marriage, family, work and society.

Well, this is a big “what if”.

And the answer starts with me.