Sermon Sum-Up: The duck & rabbit explains sin and God’s solution

Do you see the duck or the rabbit?

 Illusion - Duck & RabbitThomas Kuhn used this old optical illusion to explain the cultural and sociological concept of Paradigm Shift.  In a nutshell, Paradigm Shift is to see the same thing in an entirely different way.

 Our ‘aha’ life moments are ‘Paradigm Shifts’.  It’s the enemy’s strategy too.  The same strategy he used for Eve, for Jesus, and today, his classic game strategy against us.

And yes, we still fall for it.

The devil wants us to see our marriages, family, businesses, work, relationships and the opportunities around us in an entirely different way. He wants us to see them his way.

The fight – God’s way or the enemy’s way? The choice is ours.

Bible 2Jesus was tempted and all his answers started with “It is written…”, “It is written…”, “It says…”.  He didn’t strike satan dead, nor called for a legion of angels for back-up.  He just simply quoted was was written in God’s Word.

Our protection – God’s Word.

The solution – Read your bible.

Nothing profound, and nothing too deep either.  Jesus showed a simple, doable solution to help us in our battles.  

The only question left is…will you read it?

“The 3 important keys to understanding and interpreting the bible are: 1) Read it,  2) Read it 3) Read it”  – Wayne Grudem, Systematic Theology Podcast

Note: “Sunday Sum-Up” is a practical application, conclusion or action plan of my Sunday preaching – January 19,2014.