Start the year by SLOWing down with a FAST



No food & no distractions.

Together with my wife and kids, we begin the year with a FAST (the kids are on a vegetable and TV fast).

Emptying the stomach, getting hungry, and sacrificing. For what?

  •   For GOD to feed our soul, fill our spirits, and freshen our faith.
  •   For GOD to mold us.
  •   For US to seek HIM.
  •   For US to hear HIM.

People in the Bible fasted. To win battles, confirm a certain leading from God, or when they are repenting or mourning.  Jesus fasted before He started his formal ministry.  To move forward, Jesus slowed down first with fasting and came out of it empowered by the Spirit (Luke 4:14).  Every fasting we see in God’s word tell of people who sought God.

So we fast to SEEK GOD.

Fasting is not twisting His arm to do & give what we want.  It’s not to get Him on the same page with us,  but instead, it’s for us to be on the same page with Him and with what He is already doing in our lives. Not to get breakthroughs. Not to get my prayers answered.

But to GET GOD.