To watch or not to watch “Beauty and the Beast”

To watch or not to watch “Beauty and the Beast”: Is THAT really the question? 


This movie has amassed concerns from the Christian world because of its underlying gender issues.


Before riding on the bandwagon, here are some thoughts that might help us deal with the subject of controversy.  I believe the problem is beyond the issue of simply watching the movie or not.


Problem 1: Wrong Focus 

This particular movie is not just the problem.


I see clearly the gender issue that Disney has brought in through this movie.  But it does not have exclusivity in bringing in such problems.


Do not all fairy tales promote romantic-love relationship as the key to a ‘happily ever after’?  Does not the music industry infiltrate our ears with objectionable language? Does not Hollywood posture itself as the lifestyle and fashion standard-bearer?


Movies, television shows, songs, social media, and the like are exposing our children to SIN.  SIN is the problem. Not just the movie, “Beauty and the Beast”.


Problem 2: Wrong Expectation

We cannot expect righteousness from a sinful world.


Jesus alluded in His Gethsemane prayer that though we are IN this world, we are not OF it.  This world is not our home. We are not its citizens. We are foreigners in it.


We are foreigners of a hostile, fallen, and decaying world.    “Beauty and the Beast” is the least of our problems.   We cannot look to a movie producer to set the standard of righteousness because it does not hold the ultimate standard. If we want righteousness, we go to God’s Word. Not to a movie. Or anywhere else.


Solution: Discipleship

The world is throwing lies and deception to our children, not just “Beauty and the Beast”.  Even the 24-hour convenience store where our kids buy soda or ice cream is already selling pornographic magazines displayed near the cashier! In some first-world countries, prayer has been thrown out the window in the name of political correctness.

We must disciple our children.  


If the hype is just about watching the movie or not, then we are missing the point of the need for DISCIPLESHIP.

If we do not disciple our children, the world will.

If we slacken in discipling them, the world moves faster to prey on their minds either by blatantly posing its worldviews or desensitizing them to ours.


So what now? 

I, too, am a parent. I have four children – 20, 16, 14, & 5 year old. I understand the frustration.  But protest, anger and social media attack are not the answers.

It is the preaching of the gospel.  To our children, and to the world.