Why don’t we talk about sex?

The church just finished a preaching series entitled Love Life.  We spoke about love, then marriage, and to cap the whole series – we talked about sex.

Yes SEX.

Why not?

I believe there is a cultural deception that is happening and the enemy is capitalizing on it.  Yes, sex is, and should be, private, but this doesn’t mean that we should not talk about it or teach it.  Our religious culture today has somehow relegated sex to “taboo” status, to the point that the very people and institution that should teach, discuss and establish the right mindset on this matter are not doing so.

While we remain silent on this subject, satan is rolling out his massive information campaign through movies, TV (including kiddie channels), magazines, billboards, and the like.

Ergo, we should talk about it!

Husbands and wives should talk about sex.  They should be the ones exchanging ideas, thoughts, insights and desires on this.  If spouses don’t, men will resort talking about it with their friends (and who knows what happens after that…) and worse, with other women.

Parents should discuss sex with their children. Fathers (especially) and mothers should be the primary teachers of sex to their children.  We should impart Biblical mindsets and perspectives on this matter, explaining that God created it, and that it is good and great in the context of marriage.

The church should be teaching it.  While this might weird out some people, YES, the church should teach sex.  Because God created sex, it will be fantastic — when done in a godly context.   Who else can teach its purpose and power but the very institution that God ordained to teach and preach His Word?

So yes, let’s talk about sex.